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the Water-Bearer

(January 21st - February 19th)


Associated with Aquarius



Alchemy: Multiplication
Animal: Man, Peacock
Birthstone: Chalcedony, Crystal, Amethyst
Body Part: Ankles
Colour: Violet
Country: Sweden, Russia
Day: Saturday
Egyptian: Anuket (Anukis)
Geomancy: Tristitia
Greek: Ganymede
Meridian: Lungs
Metal: Lead alloys
Perfume: Galbanum
Plant: Olive
Roman: Janus
Tarot: Star
Tree: Alder
Weapon: The Censer


Spirits: Martyrs
Angel: Gabriel
Tribe: Zebulun
Prophet: Habakkuk
Apostle: Matthew

Angelic Guardians

Jan 21 - Jan 25: Umabel
Jan 26 - Jan 30: Yahhel
Jan 31 - Feb 4: Anauel
Feb 5 - Feb 9: Mehiel
Feb 10 - Feb 14: Damabiah
Feb 15 - Feb 19: Manakel

Genii of Days

Sunday: Zuphlas
Monday: Phaldor
Tuesday: Rosabis
Wednesday: Adjuchas
Thursday: Zophas
Friday: Halacho
Saturday: Aiglun

Mode: Fixed

Element: Air


Ruler: Saturn

Exaltation: (not exalted)

Guidance for those born under Aquarius


Humanitarian and altruistic. Communal, socialistic and progressive. Idealistic and utopian. Detached, romantic and dreamy.

Social-reformers, Inventors, Scientists, Charity-organizers.

Aquarians tend to suffer from a weak constitution and are most notably troubled by weak eyes. They may have a poor circulation which manifests itself in leg and ankle problems. Often, the nature of their careers puts great demands on their eyesight and their time but they should never miss an appointment at the optician's.

In This Sign
Robert Burns, Lord Byron, Nicolas Copernicus, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Thomas Alva Edison, General Gordon, Sir Henry Irving, Abraham Lincoln, Somerset Maugham, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, F.D.Roosevelt, Franz Peter Schubert, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The Sanskrit name for this month is
Khumba - the Water-Pot
What legend explains the Sign of the Water-Bearer?
See   Astrology: . . . Signs - Aquarius   to find out.

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