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the Scorpion

(October 24th - November 22nd)


Associated with Scorpio



Alchemy: Separation
Animal: Scorpion, Eagle, Wolf
Birthstone: Snakestone, Amethyst, Topaz
Body Part: Genitals
Colour: Blue-green, Turquoise
Country: Norway, Palestine
Day: Tuesday
Egyptian: Ptah
Geomancy: Rubeus
Greek: Hephaestos
Meridian: Bladder
Metal: Steel
Perfume: Siamese Benzoin
Plant: Cactus
Roman: Vulcan
Tarot: Death
Tree: Yew
Weapon: The Obligatory Pain


Spirits: Archangels
Angel: Barbiel
Tribe: Benjamin
Prophet: Obadiah
Apostle: Philip

Angelic Guardians

Oct 24 - Oct 28: Veuliah
Oct 29 - Nov 2: Yelaiah
Nov 3 - Nov 7: Saeliah
Nov 8 - Nov 12: Ariel
Nov 13 - Nov 17: Asaliah
Nov 18 - Nov 22: Mihael

Genii of Days

Sunday: Zisuph
Monday: Cuniali
Tuesday: Nantur
Wednesday: Toglas
Thursday: Zalburis
Friday: Alphun
Saturday: Tukiphat

Mode: Fixed

Element: Water


Ruler: Mars

Exaltation: (not exalted)

Guidance for those born under Scorpio


Metaphysical. Destructive and regenerative. Passionate and violent. Insightful and profound. Occult.

Magicians, Astrologers, Alchemists, Surgeons, Undertakers.

People born under Scorpio are quite often strong-bodied and enjoy good health throughout their entire life. Conversely, some may begin life quite slightly built and these individuals do have a tendency to put on a great deal of weight in later life. Their weakest parts in youth are the genitals, but in later life it is the heart which should concern them most. Scorpio people should be wary of putting too much effort into any form of exercise or endeavour.

In This Sign
Marie Antoinette, Charles I, Captain James Cook, Marie Curie, Charles de Gaulle, Billy Graham, Edmond Halley, Sir William Herschel, William Hogarth, Field-Marshal Montgomery, Pablo Picasso.


The Sanskrit name for this month is
Vrischika - the Scorpion
What legend explains the Sign of the Scorpion?
See   Astrology: . . . Signs - Scorpio   to find out.

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