Rockingham Mausoleum

The plinth, side 1 (front)
The plinth, side 1 (front)
Image courtesy of John-Paul Draycott

Charles Watson Wentworth.
Marquiss of Rockingham. Earl of Malton,
Viscount Higham of Higham Ferrers,
Baron of Rockingham, Malton, Wath, and
Harrowden and Baronet, in Great Britain,
Earl and Baron of Malton in the
Kingdom of Ireland. Lord Lieutenant and
Custos Rotulorum of the West Riding
of Yorkshire, City of York, and County
of the same, Custos Rotulorum of the
North Riding, and Vice Admiral of the
Maritime Parts thereof. High Steward
of Kingston upon Hull, Knight of the
Garter, and first Commissioner of the
Board of Treasury.
Born May 24th. 1730, died July 1st. 1782.

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Rockingham Mausoleum

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